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Fast assistance for psychological trauma


In many cases, victims of violence crimes are traumatized psychologically, which means their psyche has suffered an injury. A psychological injury can actually be compared to a bodily injury insofar as it also requires wound care and time to heal. As with physical wounds, it is important to stop the consequences of the injury from turning into lasting difficulties.

To suffer psychological trauma through violence is such an overwhelming experience that the psyche responds with protective reactions. People affected often experience themselves completely differently than they do in day-to-day life. The situation becomes unreal, is experienced as if “in a movie”, the memory of it can be missing at first. Those affected may be confused, may no longer know what happened, may be disoriented and may behave in a manner that is unusual for them. Their psychological health is compromised.

It is completely normal to seek help for a psychological injury. Wouldn’t you also seek medical treatment for a physical wound?

This is why we address this information sheet to those who have suffered violence. We are glad to offer professional help. Even if you or your child is still very unwell, please do not hesitate to call us. In the hospitals listed on the reverse side we have established access points where victims of violent crimes can receive specialist medical and psychological advice, counselling and assistance. We can quickly assess if there is a risk for the development of long-term effects, and which measures are required.

We provide assistance with difficulties in day-to-day life, assistance in dealing with this extraordinary situation and with the often overwhelming feelings connected to it. By calling one of the phone numbers listed below you can get an appointment within a few days. The State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Families covers the cost of counselling. You can apply for the reimbursement of travel costs.

Our coordination Centre at our head office in Hildesheim is available to provide advice and answer questions by calling 05121/304-741.

The Lower Saxony Trauma Network is still in its establishment phase. If no access point is listed yet for your area, our coordination Centre will offer a separate counselling service on the phone numbers listed above.


Assistance for adult victims of violent crime

Assistance for children and young people who are victims of violent crime

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