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Early diagnosis examinations for children

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Early diagnosis examinations for children

So that children can grow up healthy, and illnesses can be detected early and treated, all health insurances and private health insurers in Germany provide the U1 to U9 early diagnosis examinations for the child’s first six years. These examinations are an important part of preventive healthcare. They take place at specific times when children are at important stages of development. This is why participation in all early diagnosis examinations is important for all children.

The state of Lower Saxony is pursuing the aim of promoting children’s health and improving child protection. For this, the number of children who participate in health checks for the early diagnosis of illnesses (early diagnosis examinations) has to be increased. Which is why the state of Lower Saxony has introduced obligatory invitation and regulatory reporting with the Law for the Promotion of Health and Improvement in the Protection of Children in Lower Saxony, dated 28.10.2009.

From 1.4.2010 onwards, the parents and legal representatives of all children living in Lower Saxony will be invited to the U5 to U8 early diagnosis examinations by the Lower Saxon State Office for Social Matters, Youth and Family. Apart from the letter of invitation, the parents receive a reply card, with which the examining doctor confirms carrying out the respective early diagnosis examination (§3 NFrüherkUG).

The procedure

- The invitation is sent out at the beginning of the tolerance limit of the respective examination period.

- If we have no confirmation of the early diagnosis examination having been carried out after the end of the last month of the respective examination period, a reminder will be sent.

- Insofar as there is no confirmation about the early diagnosis examination having been carried out after the tolerance limit has expired, we shall have to inform the appropriate local Youth Welfare Office about it.

examination period

tolerance limit

U5 6 to 7 months old

U5 5 to 8 months old

U6 10 to 12 months old

U6 9 to 14 months old

U7 21 to 24 months old

U7 20 to 27 months old

U7a 34 to 36 months old

U7a 33 to 38 months old

U8 46 to 48 months old

U8 43 to 50 months old

Important to know:

- During the intended periods of examination (tolerance limit), the costs of the early diagnosis examinations are paid for by the health insurances/ the private health insurers.

- No medical data will be conveyed via the doctor’s reply card.

- The procedure has been coordinated with the state delegate of Lower Saxony for data protection.

For further questions, please contact us at 0180/2001560 (Festnetzpreis 6 ct/Anruf; Mobilfunkpreis max. 42 ct/Min.).

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